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About Us

Trick City Productions is a small virtual production company focused on discovering ways to stay connected in times when we are forced to be apart. We aim to make content that explores new grounds and challenges what it means to create, while remembering the most important part of creating: to have fun. Artistically, we are interested in creating media that is aesthetically sophisticated while maintaining the intellectual accessibility that makes storytelling truly universal. 

EDI Statement

Podcasting is an accessible medium, and we want to take advantage of this universality.


In creating this company, we asked ourselves several questions:

  • If you don’t like the rules, how do you change the game?

  • How do you impact the people you’re working with, and how do they impact you?

  • How do you authentically represent the material you’re working with and pay credit to the people who made the medium what it is?

  • How do you appropriately give recognition to the voices that are not often in the spotlight?



We came to this conclusion:

One of our greatest strengths - as we seek new ways to connect - is being able to draw on our differences.


We strive to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community where we uplift and value all voices, ideas, and perspectives. We feel it is necessary to explore the many benefits of our differing perspectives, thoughts, and experiences as much as we can - not only through artistic collaboration, but also through story representation. 


We are committed to:

  • Diverse Representation: In the cast and creative teams, we will gather a group of collaborators from all walks of life with a wide variety of perspectives and approaches.

  • Exceptional storytelling: We aim to create considerate and exceptional stories that explore characters, plot lines and themes in as many facets as possible.

  • Transparency: In terms of the makeup of our team and our intentions with Iris and future projects, we want to establish open communication with our community.

  • Challenging Inequality: Keeping an open, honest and critical dialogue active throughout the creative process. Through this, we hope to be mindful of our current moment and what our industry has contributed to it. By making art about art forms, we acknowledge all the growth that is yet to be done as a community and as individuals. 


We acknowledge that this work is never-ending, and emphasize that this is a living statement. In order to remain a part of this art form, we need to constantly learn, grow, and change. Most importantly, this cannot be done by one person or one department; all members of our community must intentionally put in effort to help Trick City Productions thrive.


We hope that in our work we provide a platform for continued connection and transformation through our art.

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